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Welcome to Walker Hearing Aid Centers

Walker Hearing Aid Centers has been a part of Houston life since the early 1950’s. Walker began in a small downtown office fitting behind the ear aids, progressed to a team of specialists in three Houston locations, and is now centralized in one office, with in-home and retirement home testing available.

Today we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of custom-made hearing instrument technology. What make the Digital Instruments unique is the incredible sound quality and the ability to use a computer to change the instrument to match changes in your hearing loss to fit your lifestyle. With highly sophisticated technology and advanced digital equipment, these programmable hearing instruments are truly like wearing 100 hearing aids in one!

M. Green

“I will just say that Walker Hearing Aid Center is one of the best, most professional and knowledgeable companies you will find anyplace.”

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C. Marshall

“Treated my son like he was a human being with a medical need, not a way to make money. Thank you.”

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B. Nichols

“Walker provided us with hearing aids for my 22 month old son to age 8. Now I need them and they are still providing a great service.”

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Facts About Hearing Loss…

  • More than 31.5 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss
  • Hearing loss is often associated with short term memory loss
  • Hearing loss may lead to stress and fatigue
  • Hearing loss in older persons can have a significant negative impact on quality of life (Per National Council on Aging)
  • Untreated hearing loss can possibly lead to depression, anxiety, paranoia, and withdrawal from ordinary activities
  • Nine out of ten hearing aid users report improvement in their quality of life (BHI Survey results)

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